FOXS maintains a secure donations stand at Xenia Station, conveniently located outside the restrooms at the bike hub.

Just walk, ride, or roll on by and drop your spare change in the slot. This is an easy way to show your appreciation and support for the Xenia Station trail hub and park!

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Xenia Station


How to Join or Contribute


XS Stickers



Donate at the Station!

Show your support for your favorite trail hub or add another memory to your bike!

The Friends of Xenia Station mission is to preserve Xenia Station (along with the park in which it resides and the multi-use trails radiating from its doorstep) as a valued city landmark, and to explore ways to promote and enhance its cultural, historical, and economic value to our community.

We achieve this mission through member support. Membership is open to all and valid for one calendar year. Membership is offered at two levels:

     Individual $20        Family $35

Those wishing to become Patrons of Friends of Xenia Station may do so at four different levels. Patrons will have their name and contribution level listed on our website.  Patron levels are:

     Bronze $100        Silver $250        Gold $500        Platinum $1000

Buy a Xenia Station sticker for your bike... for just $1.00 each.

These stickers can be purchased at any of the local events where FOXS is exhibiting, or you can request one or more via mail. It's easy!

1. State the desired quantity of stickers in the memo portion of your check.

2. Make your check payable to:  
        GCCF / FOXS

3. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your check.

4. Mail your request to: 
        Friends of Xenia Station
        c/o Kathleen Lewis
        2010 Kitty Hawk Drive 
        Xenia, OH 45385

5. Look for your sticker(s) in the mail!

Send a completed membership form and
​payment to:

     Friends of Xenia Station
     c/o Kathleen Lewis
     2010 Kitty Hawk Drive 
     Xenia, OH 45385

Please make checks payable to:

     Greene Giving/Friends of Xenia Station.

Patrons may pay by credit card in 12 monthly deductions by contacting the Greene County Community Foundation at (937) 562-5551.

Jerseys are $80 each (plus sales tax) and available in the sizes shown below. Additional sizes available by special order.

     Women’s:   MED   LG   XL

     Men’s:   MED   LG   XL

FOXS cycling jerseys are proudly made in the USA with AeroDri© fabric. They feature a full front zipper and 3 back pockets. 

To achieve our mission of preserving the Station, park, and trails, FOXS needs your help! As always, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join or volunteer with us, but as a new option, we are now offering Friends of Xenia Station cycling jerseys for purchase.

Our jerseys feature the FOXS logo, with its stylized illustration of Xenia Station, prominently displayed on both the front and back so you can proudly show your appreciation of Xenia Station wherever you go!

Check the FOXS Facebook page for future Xenia Station events and City of Xenia events where FOXS is participating to purchase your jersey in person. Cash, check, and credit card payments accepted at events, with $3 service fee for credit card purchases.

If you are unable to attend an event but would still like to support FOXS by purchasing a jersey, we will gladly mail your jersey to you. Complete the form and send it, along with the total amount due, to:

        Friends of Xenia Station
        c/o Kathleen Lewis
        2010 Kitty Hawk 
        Xenia, OH 45385