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While the City of Xenia is a responsible caretaker for the Station, FOXS was established in an effort to help take care of it in perpetuity. Under tight budgeting, the city is unable to monitor the building as closely as it might like to, leading to security concerns and increased repair and maintenance costs. Our mission is to preserve Xenia Station (along with the park in which it resides and the multi-use trails radiating from its doorstep) as a valued city landmark, and to explore ways to promote and enhance its cultural, historical, and economic value to our community.

For information about Station Rentals or Maintenance, please contact the City of Xenia at (937) 376-7275.


Xenia Station is a replica of the original 1880's Xenia Railroad Station and is built on the former site of the B&O freight yards. Xenia Station was constructed in 1998 and includes a railroad museum rich in local railroad history, restrooms, and a classroom. In addition to the museum, an original train caboose is on display and is open to the public during various events throughout the year.

The park features play equipment, picnic tables, a picnic shelter, bike lockers, nature areas, and off-street parking. Whether you are interested in railroad history or multi-use trails, a visit to Xenia Station is a must for all cycling and railroad enthusiasts.

The Station is an educational asset as well as an economic engine. Local schoolchildren visit the rail museum inside the Station to learn about Xenia's proud history. For 14 years, dedicated volunteers from the Greene County Historical Society have kept the caboose and inside exhibits in prime condition.

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