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Xenia Station



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Xenia Station Park is located at 150 South Miami Avenue in Xenia, Ohio. The Xenia Station Trail Hub plays a powerful role in our local economy as the nexus for heavily used paved trails that draw visitors to the Xenia area year-round. A recent trail count tallied 5,500 users per day, who spend about $16M in our region each year. Check out our photo galleries here.

The Station is positioned in a 9-acre park that is unique because it anchors paved multi-use trails heading in five directions. From it, trails lead to Dayton (West), Springfield (North), Jamestown (Southeast), London (Northeast), and Cincinnati (South). People come here knowing that they can enjoy a variety of excursions that never get repetitious. Sitting at the Station, we have met people from every state in the US, from every part of Ohio, and visitors from other countries.

The Friends of Xenia Station mission is to preserve Xenia Station (along with the park in which it resides and the multi-use trails radiating from its doorstep) as a valued city landmark, and to explore ways to promote and enhance its cultural, historical, and economic value to our community.

To achieve our mission of preserving the Station, park, and trails, we need your help! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to volunteer with us. To become a Member or Patron, please visit our support page.